The Kenmount Road Kid comes through again.

Nah, Seventy from MultiGrain on Vimeo.

Weekends are for one thing.

Facetiously Persnickety Curmudgeon

MG's sayin' Happy Brithday

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Here's to another year under the belt Kid!

Slackin' pretty hard here... But Where's Waldo is so tight.

I went to Malaysia and all I got was this stinkin' 360 flip.

So I spent 4 months living in a place called Penang and in true MG fashion don't really have much to show of it. To get a bit of an idea of the spot and surrounding areas check Mikko's blog out. He did a way better job of documenting shit over there while still making time to get radical on the schralp stick.

Untitled from MultiGrain on Vimeo.

Next time we skate hopefully we won't have to share a board!