Made an unscheduled day trip to Toronto the other day. Shit was eventful.

I was fortunate enough to meet up with Mr. Pilla

Keepin' it tough.

Pretty radical for an accountant huh?
Ps. Happy Birthday man, all the best.

Whilst streetcar-ing I saw the most peculiar of sloshing in the distance. Upon a closer assessment I saw that it was none other than Rob Mentov and Will Baigent.

I deemed a short visit to be necessary.

Click for some sequence action yo!

Queen and University from MultiGrain on Vimeo.

This spot was rad.

I don't even know where to start with this.

Seriously, how do you fuck up THIS bad?

Seth Hout? 
J.P. Walkerand??
They're all from BC????
OWNER of Ballistic???????
All silly last-names aside, what happened to having the care to exercise diligence in research? What happened to the sentiment of taking pride in one's work? What happened to having the respect to spell someone's fucking name right? 
Then again, why bother to polish a piece of writing that's going to be published and read by the public anyway?
Props Smellie, your unprofessional, careless "journalism" stinks.
Please go to the Scope's site and blast them some e-hate. I have to go vomit now.